Hermandad y Cofradía3 de Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Humildad, Nuestro Padre Jesús del Prendimiento y María Santísima de los Dolores 

(Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Humility, Our Father Jesus Captured and Holy Mary of Sorrows)

This brotherhood was founded on 12 October 1693, His Excellency Juan Marín de Rodezno being the Bishop in charge of the diocese of the capital at the time. It represents the guild of commerce, banking, administration and pharmacy. Among its honorary brothers, we note the appointment of the Extremadura XI Mechanized Infantry Brigade of Badajoz.

Headquarters: Iglesia de la Concepción (Church of the Immaculate Conception).

Pasos (floats)

Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Humildad (Oración en el huerto) (Our Father Jesus of Humility, Agony in the Garden): Anonymous carving from the 17th century, attributed to Miguel Sánchez Taramas from the Extremaduran town of San Vicente de Alcántara. The images of Saint Peter, Saint James (Santiago) and Saint John complete this scene from the life of Christ. The Baroque-style platform was carved out of wood and gilded by José Benítez and Antonio Flores, from Badajoz.
Costaleros (those who carry the paso): 40
Capataz (the foreman): Mr Antonio Jesús Pérez González.

María Santísima de los Dolores (Holy Mary of Sorrows): Anonymous 17th century carving, attributed to Cristóbal Jiménez Morgado. In one hand she holds three large silver nails and, in the other, a handkerchief and some rosaries.

The vents by Manuel de los Rios debuted in 2002 after being acquired from the brotherhood Hermandad de la Amargura in Jerez de los Caballeros (in Extremadura, Spain). Highlights include the embossed solid silver crown, made by Álvarez Buiza jewellers, and the four-point canopy is by Juan Manuel Expósito.
Costaleros (those who carry the paso): 35.
Capataz (the foreman): Mr José Antonio Griñón Teodoro

Number of brothers: 450
Nazarenos (the penitents): 250

Musical accompaniment

For Christ: Musical ensemble Cristo Rey.
For the Virgin Mary: Guzmán Ricis band from Barcarrota (in Extremadura, Spain).

Itinerary highlights

The start and finish, San Juan street, corner of Bravo Murillo street with Arco-Agüero and of the latter with López Prudencio street, presentation before the Hermandad de San Andrés brotherhood, Plaza de España square, stop at the main door of the Metropolitan Cathedral, Hernán Cortés street and Plaza de la Soledad square.

Salida: 21:00 h, Parroquia de la Purísima Concepción
• Salida: 21 horas. Parroquia de la
Purísima Concepción.
• C/ San Juan
• C/ Bravo Murillo
• C/ Arco Agüero
• C/ López Prudencio
• Plaza de Cervantes (Presentación ante
la Hermandad del Descendimiento).
• C/ San Blas
• C/ Arco Agüero
• C/ López Prudencio
• Plaza de España (Carrera Oficial
22´30 h. – Estación de Penitencia en
la S.I.Catedral Metropolitana)
• C/ Hernán Cortés
• Plaza López de Ayala
• C/ Francisco Pizarro
• Plaza de La Soledad
• C/ Arias Montano
• San Juan a su Iglesia.

Lugares de especial interés

Salida y entrada, C/ San Juan, esquina de C/ Bravo Murillo con C/ Arco-Agüero y de ésta con C/ López Prudencio, Presentación ante la Hermandad de San Andrés,
Plaza de España, Estación de Penitencia en la puerta principal de la S. I. Catedral Metropolitana, C/ Hernán Cortés y Plaza de la Soledad.


3 Note: traditionally, cofradías are brotherhoods that only accept members of the same guild or trade, while hermandades accept members across trades or professions.


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