Cofradía de la Entrada Triunfal de Cristo en Jerusalén, Santísimo Cristo de la Paz y Nuestra Señora de la Palma 

(Brotherhood of the Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem, Holy Christ of Peace and Our Lady of the Palm)

Headquarters: San Roque Parish.
The brotherhood was founded on 1 April 1957 by Mr Francisco Sánchez García, one of the most important figures in the history of Holy Week in our city over the last century.

Pasos (floats)1

Entrada Triunfal de Cristo en Jerusalén (Triumphal Entry of Christ into Jerusalem). Anonymous carving, from the city of Cheles (in Extremadura, Spain), donated and restored by Flores and Benítez and later by Santiago Arolo. Baroque-style platform, designed and carved in 1958 by Ramón García Mora.
Costaleros (those who carry the paso): two 35-man crews
Capataz (the foreman): Mr Jonatan Mariscal Sánchez

Nuestra Señora de la Palma (Our Lady of the Palm). Carved by Santiago Arolo, 1959. Vents of the float crafted by the Talleres Villarreal workshop in Seville and considered some of the best among the floats bearing figures of the Virgin Mary in Badajoz. The mantle was crafted by the Adoratrices nuns and designed by Santiago Arolo. The canopy by Antonio Vargas debuted in 2005.
Costaleros (those who carry the paso): two 30-man crews
Capataz (the foreman): Mr Manuel Ortiz Figueredo

Number of brothers: 1,450
Nazarenos (the penitents)2: 300

1Note: a paso is an elaborate float made for religious processions, usually adorned with large wooden statues of Jesus Christ (often referred to as paso de misterio when depicting scenes from his life), the Virgin Mary (when canopied, referred to as paso de palio) or other saints or biblical figures. Pasos are carried by costaleros and led by the capataz (foreman), who uses a llamador (a knocker) to give signals to the costaleros.

2Note: nazarenos or penitentes are the members of the brotherhoods who typically participate in these processions clad in traditional penitential robes and a hood with a conical tip (the capirote).

Musical accompaniment

For Christ: Musical ensemble Santísimo Cristo Rey
For the Virgin: La Soledad de la Algaba music band (Seville)

Itinerary highlights

The start, arrival at Puerta Trinidad, Trinidad street, Plaza de Cervantes square, López Prucencio street and Plaza de España square and the return to the parish by nightfall, where the float is taken back inside. The Brotherhood Mass held on Palm Sunday at noon in front of the assembled floats or pasos is also worth noting.

• Start: Iglesia Parroquial de San Roque.
• Plaza de Santiago Arolo
• C/ Porvenir
• C/ Alberto Oliart Saussol
• C/ Juan Pablo Forner
• C/ Galache Hoyuelos
• Avda. Ricardo Carapeto
• Puente de San Roque
• Jardines de la Legión
• Plaza 18 de Diciembre
• C/ Trinidad
• Plaza Cervantes
• C/ López Prudencio
• Plaza de España
• C/ San Blas
• Plaza de Cervantes
• C/ Trinidad
• Plaza 18 de Diciembre
• Jardines de la Legión
• Puente de San Roque
• Avda. Ricardo Carapeto
• Alberto Oliart Saussol
• Luis de Zuñiga
• Plaza Santiago Arolo



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