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The Holy Week of Badajoz


The radiance of Holy Week

The beginning of Holy Week sets off the beauty of Badajoz. The city is draped in faith thanks to the members of the catholic brotherhoods who, with the constancy of their centuries-old devotion, offer up the most intimate part of their spirit by participating in processions to teach us about the Passion of Christ and transform our neighbourhoods into the backdrop of a uniquely beautiful spectacle charged with emotion



Palm Sunday

The brotherhood was founded on 1 April 1957 by Mr Francisco Sánchez García, one of the most important figures in the history of Holy Week in our city over the last century

Holy Monday

This brotherhood was founded on 12 October 1693, His Excellency Juan Marín de Rodezno being the Bishop in charge of the diocese of the capital at the time. It represents the guild of commerce, banking, administration and pharmacy. Among its honorary brothers, we note the appointment of the Extremadura XI Mechanized Infantry Brigade of Badajoz

Holy Tuesday

A well-established and beloved brotherhood in Badajoz, as it worships the most revered Christ in the city. In 1774, Pope Clement XIV awarded a papal bull for the figure of Christ of the Thorn, for which a full indulgence could be granted by visiting their church on 4 May

Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday on The Holy Week of Badajoz

Good Friday

Good Friday on The Holy Week of Badajoz

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday on The Holy Week of Badajoz