Visit Badajoz

Discover the rich history of Badajoz from 875, the year the city was founded, to the present day through different tourist sites. Not only does Badajoz host festivals, fairs and festivals that are renowned throughout the country, it is also home to a rich supply of hotels, which usually reach 100% occupancy on dates such as Easter or Carnival.

Badajoz also has a considerable historical and cultural heritage, as showcased by the old town, which holds a great number of historical and archaeological sites and monuments. Puerta de Palmas, the Espantaperros tower or the Alcazaba (the largest Moorish fortification of this kind in Europe) are three of its most recognizable and unique landmarks that, together with the rich heritage of its squares and churches, make the city a great place to visit.

Numerous cultural events are held in the city throughout the year, bringing a large influx of people. Among these are the Al Mossassa festivities or La Noche en Blanco (“The Sleepless Night”) event, without forgetting the city’s main festivals, Carnival, Easter and the San Juan Fair. Its ambitious cultural calendar has made the city the cultural capital of the Iberian Southwest.

Other important events held in the city are its festivals, among which are the Flamenco and Fado Festival of Badajoz, the International Folklore Festival, the International Jazz Festival or the Theatre Festival.